Armageddon Auckland

All self-respecting kiwi nerds  know about Auckland Armageddon- and I am no exception. It is a crazy time of the year where months of hard work and endless amounts of money finally pays off in the form of finished costumes!
This year I went as Kaylee from the amazing show Firefly, and Peppermint Butler from the cartoon Adventure Time. Here are some photos!



Annnnd Peppermint Butler:


These were relatively simple cosplays since I’ve been so busy/broke this year! I hope to do something really impressive next year, and am already plotting away…
Both costumes 100% made by me, including the patterns for the tailcoat and overalls.


They say starting is the hardest part.
Who am I? What do I do? Where am I going with my life? Who the hell knows the answers at age 20?
All I really know is I want to make things. I want to make all the things. And here, on this blog, is where I will document all the things I make. Everything else can work itself out along the way.
My name is Kelsey, and I am addicted to all things costuming.
I frequently make plushies and costumes, hats, scarves, and occasionally a bag or two. I am hoping to get heavily into leather work/leather stamping over the summer holidays, and begin making my own Victorian-inspired designs. Next year I hope to fill with leather armour, Dwarven beards, and beautiful velvet butterfly tailcoats!

As a side note- my storenvy store is currently open! I haven’t got nearly as many products up there as I would like, so I will slowly be adding more as I get more free time.